Bollywood Ireland presents the 6th Indian Film Festival of Ireland from Sept 24 to 27 Sept - 2015 at Dublin .
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A Cinema Window with an Incredible Creative View of India 

It’s seems like only yesterday when we launch the Indian Film Festival of Ireland (IFFI) in 2010. The Indian Film Industry keeps growing and keeps churning out as usual on average, one thousand films per year. 

As a Festival Director, I was spoiled for choice as what to include from the high quality of films and the caliber of the film makers. We have successfully maintained all four strands created at the inaugural film festival. They are; Director in Focus – with the opening and closing films. Star in Retrospective, the Debut Director and Indian Diaspora Director. It is not always easy to fulfill all categories but we have managed to successfully bring you some of the most interesting films in these categories to date.

One of the main purposes of the film festival is to market Ireland as a film location for the Indian Film Industry; we have achieved this end by attracting a major Indian studio film. The Indian Film Industry is rapidly changing with the advent of technology and the increasingly globally shrinking nature of this industry. All major Hollywood studios are in Mumbai operating successfully. However, to counter the balance the Indian film makers are still struggling to operate globally, and international co-productions are still few and far between.

The IFFI aims to bridge this gap. Perhaps they need strategic partners. Joint Ventures are operating outside India as co-producers, to bring their unique and numerous creative talents that bring amazing films stories, rooted and related to India to an international audience. The Indian Film Industry is not just restricted to Bollywood and resents in fact, the term Bollywood considering it derogatory and a second rate Hollywood term.

During the four days of the Festival, the IFFI, like previous years, will have stimulating discussions with the visiting film directors, and writers, showcasing the best of cinema both old and new. 

The festival thanks its supporters, sponsors, patrons and well wishers. It thanks in particular, the ever growing audience in the Dublin region and hopes to expand to different parts of Ireland. 

By moving the festival to September we aim to link with the educational sector and so bring the festival to the begining of the academic year.

This will better serve the film schools as well as the primary, secondary and third level institutions in order to truly implement the festival’s brief in brining Indian cinema to the Irish education system.

 I am once again proud to present the 6th IFFI 2015. 

Siraj Zaidi    - Director  ( IFFI )

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''To make the Indian films and industry and the film personalities - Directors, Producers, Actors - Stars more popular in Ireland''